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S.H.figuarts Kamen Rider OOO Latorata Combo



Latorata Combo is OOO’s form when he uses Kazari’s Lion, Tora and Cheetah medals.



Latorata comes with optional hands, a Medaljalibur and extra Tora claws.



Despite all the flaws of the OOO Figuarts, the eyes are surprisingly well-done. Latorata’s eyes are really shiny and gorgeous.



There’s not much to be said about Latorata, since it’s a fairly boring form. The Tora claws are the same as Tatoba’s, so nothing new there.



Latorata, in my opinion, is not an essential/must-have Figuart. Sure, he’s nice and all, but he just lacks the same appeal as other forms such as Tajadol and Gatakiriba.


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