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S.H.figuarts Kamen Rider OOO Gatakiriba Combo



Gatakiriba Combo is the form OOO accesses when he uses Uva’s Kuwagata, Kamakiri and Batta medals.



Gatakiriba, like Uva, is insect-themed, which makes him one of my favorites automatically.



Dat compound-eyes effect.



Accessory-wise, Gatakiriba comes with optional hands, a Medaljalibur sword, and different blades to reenact the Kamakiri blades.



The blades can either be held in his hands, or mounted on his forearms.



Unlike the other Combos, Gatakiriba has the ability to create many duplicates, like a swarm of insects.

(No, I don’t have 2 Gatakiribas; that’s Tatoba standing on his shoulders.)



That said, Gatakiriba has a huge potential for army building. Sadly, Gatakiribas tend to be really expensive nowadays.



Overall, Gatakiriba is a far better release, compared to Tatoba, having less QC issues. Definitely highly recommended.


Do check out the gallery below for more pictures.

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