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S.H.figuarts Kamen Rider Birth



Kamen Rider Birth is the secondary Rider from Kamen Rider OOOs.
Birth, unlike OOOs, is a technological Rider who uses Cell Medals instead of Core Medals. For a good chunk of the series, the Birth System was used by Akira Date, who eventually handed it over to Shintaro Goto.

Then again, there’s the Nobunaga fella too, but Movie Wars CORE is a noncanon mess.



S.H.figuarts Birth comes with optional hands, his Birth Buster, and an extra head depicting him having his eyes lighted up.


The Birth Buster’s ammo clip can be mounted onto the barrel, like in the show.



The alternate head. Some of the Births had their glowing eyes being painted off-center, so do take note.



Close-up of his chest. The Receptacle Orbs were pretty well done.



Of note is that unlike most of the OOO-series Figuarts, Birth comes with diecast feet, and use the hinged ankle-rockers.



Overall, Birth is a really good Figuart. Apart from the green bits being a bit too light compared to the actual costume, he’s pretty perfect.



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