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SHfiguarts Kamen Rider W Fangjoker

Fangjoker’s the “berserker” form of W, being the end result of the wild Fang Memory and Shotaro’s normal Joker memory.

Fangjoker was pretty hyped up when it first appeared, being heavily promoted as the strongest W form (at that time). Furthermore, it appeared in Movie Wars 2010 / W Begins Night, albeit for a short battle.

Unlike the other W forms, where both Shotaro and Phillip maintained full control, Phillip goes into a raging mode in Fangjoker form (at least during the first few times; he gains control eventually).

Notably, Fangjoker had a screen-accurate W-fin that swept backwards, unlike the other W forms. Also, the Joker half was semi-matte, unlike CycloneJoker’s, which was glossy.

Fangjoker comes with 3 spikes: One on the wrist, one on the anklet, and one on the shoulder armor. The shoulder one is detachable and can be wielded as a weapon.

Bandai pulled off Fangjoker’s multiple spikes/blades by providing swappable ankle/wrist armors and shoulder armor. I had some difficulty getting them on though, since the blades are REALLY sharp.

Another point to note is that while the other W forms (including CJX) have black elbows, Fangjoker is the only one (apart from CycloneAccelXtreme) to feature correctly colored elbows. Wonder what Bandai was thinking when they did that.

In my opinion, Fangjoker’s easily the best W Figuart, due to the higher level of accuracy. The other forms just seemed to be shoddily done compared to Fangjoker.

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  1. Alexander Fredriksson
    December 24, 2011 at 12:59 am

    The banner pic, i dont know if its reflection or shadow but it looks a bit sad. Either way. exelent review, love that you incorparate some history behind the caracter form. the photos are also exelent, its “emotion” to them

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