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SHfiguarts Kamen Rider Kabuto Hyper Form


Kinda long overdue, but I’ve finally gotten around to reviewing Hyper Kabuto. Hyper Kabuto, to put it simply, is Kabuto equipped with the Hyper Zecter. Let’s not get into the details about whether it’s the future/past/present Zecter or future/past/present Hyper Kabuto or something, Kabuto’s time paradoxes really don’t make much sense.

Hyper Kabuto features a heavily reworked version of the standard Kabuto sculpt. The waist, arms, legs are all remolded to give Hyper Kabuto a beefier and more bulky look as compared to the thin and sleek Kabuto.

Hyper Kabuto is designed such that he can reenact his Hyper Clock Up mode as well. This is cleverly achieved by having swappable leg and wrist flaps, and movable chest panels. In addition to all these, Hyper Kabuto comes with alternate wing pieces which have transparent wings attached to them.

The back wings are mounted on ball joints, allowing them to open, close, and to be swapped with the winged versions.

Sadly, Hyper Kabuto’s QC is pretty horrible. The paint apps are nowhere as well done as the regular Kabuto’s. As shown in the picture above, the red paint on the chest armor is unevenly coated, as compared to the smoothly applied red paint on Kabuto’s chest.

There’s some chips on the silver parts, and the red on the biceps and foot are poorly painted; the silver underneath are quite visible.

Interestingly, Hyper Kabuto’s Hyper Zecter is different from the one included with Caucasus.

Hyper Kabuto comes with the Perfect Zecter, which can be displayed in both sword and gun configurations.

The individual Zecters on the Perfect Zecter are removable, and the Sasword Zecter has a hinged tail. Surprisingly, the paint apps on these tiny Zecters are perfectly done. Guess that suits the name of Perfect Zecter.

Close up of the inner chest details.

The wings make really great accessories, especially with the multicolored coat that’s applied on them.

Anyway, Hyper Kabuto features the lousier type of ball joint on its feet, limiting the feet articulation. Thankfully Bandai stopped using this type of ball joint eventually.


<<Maximum Rider Power>>

Hyper Kick!

<<Maximum Hyper Typhoon>>

Overall, Hyper Kabuto is a pretty mediocre SHfiguart. It could’ve been great, but it simply has too many QC issues, even more so when compared to regular Kabuto, who was a way earlier release. Not really recommended unless you’re a diehard Kabuto fan.




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    July 14, 2011 at 11:39 am

    Nice gallery and review man, much love


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