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SHfiguarts Kamen Rider IXA

Now… Return that life to God!

Kamen Rider IXA (short for Intercept X Attacker), is the secondary Rider from 2008’s Kamen Rider Kiva. Much like the 555 Riders, IXA had multiple users (7 if I recall correctly: Nago, Otoya, Jiro, Yuri, Megumi, Rook, Creepy Spider Fangire).  Unlike Kiva, IXA’s a technological Rider created by the rather incompetent Wonderful Blue Sky Organization (what sort of name is that anyway?).

SHfiguarts IXA is an accurate representation of the onscreen suit design. However, he lacks certain paint apps such as the golden strip on his back. The paint apps are crisply applied, and there are no visible flaws with mine.

IXA comes with the 2 Fuestle holsters on his waist. The Fuestles are painted too, unlike SH Kiva which didn’t even have any Fuestles in the holsters.

His belt is pretty accurate too.

In addition to the usual optional hands and Fuestles, IXA comes with the IXAcalibur in sword and gun mode, along with an upsized IXAknuckle for him to hold, and both heads for Save and Burst modes (pictured above). The gold used for the face is really shiny, unlike Emperor Kiva.

IXA Save mode is used by Otoya, whereas Burst Mode is the main form Nago uses. Although the release doesn’t specify which IXA it is, it’s not entirely accurate as the 80’s Otoya IXA, since he only had the IXA Rise Up Fuestle back then.


Here’s the fun bit: the separate IXAknuckle included is way bigger than the IXAknuckle on the belt buckle.

What I really like about IXA is that he has so much character and personality to it, since he can be posed as the various users.

Jiro/Garulu IXA.

Rook’s insane IXA.

Otoya’s flippant IXA.

SHF IXA is pretty much inscale with SH Kiva. One thing to note is that IXA’s eye texturing isn’t quite visible in most angles, unless light is directly shining at it.

Overall, IXA is one of the best Figuarts releases to date, IMO. However, he’s rather pricey in the aftermarket these days due to his popularity.

For more pictures, feel free to check out the gallery below:

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    May 24, 2011 at 11:17 pm

    Nice galley and review, another strike at the baseball feild in basketball!

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