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SHfiguarts Urataros Imagin

Won’t you let me reel you in?

A short review of SHfiguarts Urataros, from Kamen Rider Den-O.

Urataros is one of Den-O’s contract Imagins, allowing Den-O to access his Rod Form. Despite being a Den-O character, his Figuarts rendition was quite a shelfwarmer. Up till today, he’s still shelfwarming around here, and he was a Jan-09 release.

The choice of blue used for Urataros’ armor parts is quite a close match to the actual costume. However, he’s actually the most INACCURATE sculpt among all the Figuarts releases so far, which most people don’t actually notice. Below is a comparison picture demonstrating how utterly inaccurate he is:

(Click for the enlarged image)

His bodysuit parts are totally different from the actual costume. Furthermore, his back isn’t panel-lined, and numerous silver bits are left unpainted.

Now, compare him to Momotaros:

The bodysuit used for Figuarts Urataros is actually that of Momotaros. This is very odd, since Urataros was a Jan release, while Momotaros was a Feb release, meaning that Bandai intended to cut costs on Urataros right from the start.

Aside from the inaccuracies and the lack of diecast in his feet, Urataros is a relatively fun figure. He comes with the usual optional hands, his UraRod, and a cup of coffee with a dish.

Hmmm, delicious blue coffee.

Unlike some DCUC figures, Urataros is able to hold his staff/Rod pretty well.

Truth be told, Urataros isn’t a fantastic figure. He’s got plenty of flaws of his own, but he’s still quite a fun figure to mess around with. I wouldn’t really recommend him, unless you’re really a fan of Urataros. Personally, I got him mainly for that UraRod of his, and he was going for a pretty good price.

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  1. Gigabomb
    April 17, 2011 at 11:02 am

    SMURFS IN MY RIDERS? WHAT IS THIS? THE 70S? awesome review man, nice to see a new gallery

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