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Machine Denbird

A quick review of DX Rider & Machine/RM Machine Denbird.

Although Denbird is Den-O’s bike, it spends more time in the Denliner instead of outdoors, as it primarily serves as the steering controls of the Denliner. The Denbird’s usually situated in the front carriage of the Denliner, but it can also be ridden outdoors by Den-O.

Denbird’s a pretty plain-looking bike. Nothing about it really screams “DEN-O”, unlike other bikes like Kabuto Extender and Hardboilder which are instantly recognizable as being the Rider’s bike. The RM rendition is pretty accurate to the actual in-show bike, so I guess it isn’t that bad. Afterall, the actual bike looks kinda plasticky too, just like Den-O himself.

The side detail of Denbird. No lack of sculpted details.

The tail end can be extended upwards.

An added play function’s the launchable missiles from the front wheel. It’s pretty well-concealed and doesn’t look too intrusive, thankfully.

SouchakuHenshin Den-O fits on Denbird pretty well…

… and he’s actually able to rest his butt on the seat, unlike some of the Figuarts and their bikes.

All in all, RM Denbird’s a pretty fun bike. Not a lot of paint apps admittedly, but it doesn’t look underdetailed either.

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  1. Gigabomb
    March 6, 2011 at 9:35 pm


    nice review, it looks way cool

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